I’ve missed it more than I realized I would.  I miss that torturous, defining, submission and forfeiture of a proper orgasmic release.  I’ve missed that amusement derived on behalf of my anguish and frustration. 

I miss and adore and cherish a woman in control.  Not necessarily 24 hours a day, but as she wishes.   It can be spontaneous.  A single spoken word. A simple message. The tone in her voice.  Not too demanding, but not asking for something she wants.   Or clothing she wears.  Lord knows all the women that have known me have the common knowledge of my weakness for high heels.  

Any of those, and the subspace is triggered.  In public or privately.  It doesn’t matter.  She knows and I trust her enough to know she would never humiliate or degrade me. 



If you or your wife thinks you may be a good candidate, take the test and have fun seeing your rating. REMEMBER. BE HONEST. Best to do after having a drink. 

Answer questions with rating. It doesn’t matter if you had done it or not, just rate the thought. Use scale below. 

1 – I don’t like that.

2 – I would be willing to try it.

3 – It’s arousing to think about it. I would like to try it.

4 – That thought gave me of a hard-on. I can’t wait to do it.

5 – I definitely like the idea and want to experience it if I haven’t already!

1) You and your girl are walking on beach (or pool). She is wearing a very sexy and revealing suit and every man is looking at her body.

2) Your girl is telling you about her past sexual experiences.

3) You found an old letter from some guy to your girl that tells about their past sexual encounter.

4) Your girl has pic’s of her with others and shares them with others but not you.

5) There is a guy that likes your wife, she knows and she is acting ‘flirty and slutty’ when he is around.

6) Your wife is changing clothes with the windows opened, the neighbor can see.

7) Some male friends, you, and your girl are in a private tub. Then she decides to take off the bra and remains topless.

8) Your wife ignores you when she talks to someone with whom she is thinking about fucking.

9) Your wife likes the idea of a threesome and is inviting 2 men to your house to have sex with and wants you to wait in kitchen.

10) Your wife is having sex with another girl but you are tied up and blindfolded.

11) Your wife is having sex with another guy you see him taking off the condom to go bareback.

12) A guy just banged your wife and is cumming in her mouth.

13) A guy is bareback banging your wife and is cumming in her pussy.

14) You are looking at your just-banged wife’s pussy and another man’s cum is coming out.

15) You are touching your wife’s pussy, filled with other man’s cum.

16) You are licking another man’s cum from your wife’s pussy.

17) You agree to let your wife’s lover dick in your mouth for a minute if you are allowed to stay and watch.

18) Your wife is fucking a guy and called you on the phone so you can hear.

19) Your wife fucked a guy and came home with her pussy still wet. She’s telling you about it.

20) Your wife makes you schedule a last minute wax appointment for her and wants you to explain its important because she has a new date tonight.

21) The only time you get to be inside your wife is when she wants you to feel how her lover has stretched out her pussy.

22) Your wife, in front of you, tells others how she would love to have a boyfriend because one man is not enough.

23) You love the thought of eating someone else’s cum from her pussy.

24) You are swinging with another couple, the other wife is awesome, but you are only interested in seeing the three of them have sex.

25) You help pick out an outfit for your wife before she goes out on a date.


100 + = Total Cuckold Slut

95-90 = Ultimate Cuckold

85-80 = Basic Cuckold

75-70 = Cuckold

65-60 = Want To Be Cuckold

55-50 = Wife Sharer

45- Below = Not much interest

I scored a 98



It’s been a while so I thought a post of what’s going on would be appropriate today.

First I am no longer collared and in a relationship.

In this exploration of my sexuality, I realized I’m more out of the box than I ever thought. I do identify as a submissive bisexual male, but am truly a hybrid.

I won’t bottom for another man. Unless my woman wants me to. It’s for her pleasure.

I am a part cuckold, leaving the humiliation out of it. My girlfriend/wife/partner (when I have one) has and will always have free reign to be sexually active with whom she chooses, communication will always be open with us. It’s for her pleasure and our enjoyment.

We will be polygamous, I’m fine with multiple partners especially for her. That is for our pleasure and enjoyment.

I will not be Dominant. Unless she allows it and we will set our limits.


2020 1st release

I had my first full orgasm of 2020. Mistress asked if I was edging. I replied yes Mistress, ad I have to at every opportunity.

She replies with good bitch. Tonight you’re going to cum and I want to see a lot of it! I was already on edge for over a hour, and I was so incredibly hard.

I complied, said “yes Mistress, as you wish” and captured my spurts on video for her as ordered.

Today I’m back to edging. Mistress says we have to build it up again.


Male Submissive

Not all of us are beta males with small or average size penises that are meek and feeble.

Once again, porn has a LOT of men like this portrayed as submissive to Women (as we should be), so I’ll share this:

I am about 20cm (7.5 inches) cut and thick, about 12cm (4+ inches) in circumference.

I’m not in chastity of any type of device to restrict an erection.

I do not enjoy extreme pain to the point of horrendous bruising, open wounds, or pain that prevents me from working.

As a male in the workplace and around other men, I am very much aggressive and Alpha.

I am not a cuckold in the traditional sense (if there is one), but some activities my Mistress and I enjoy.

I am respectful, courteous, and automatically submissive to ALL Women and in their service as they wish, sexually and non-sexual.

I will stand to greet a Woman when she sits at our table and stand when we depart. I will offer to take her coat and help her to put it on if she wishes when I offer.


Random(?) Thought

I love having an aggressive, assertive, Dominant Alpha woman.



It’s true.  And we both have.  A loving FLR is beautiful, and it’s perfect and right for us.  We support each other and work together but we both know she’s in charge.  We are making it work for us, and not a single second of regret about it



As a submissive male in a loving FLR, why do I see this as perfect for us?

1. It gives her even more confidence in her work and personal life.
2. While we discuss all aspects of our life together and how we mutually support and benefit each other, her decision is final if we don’t agree straight away.
3. I’ve asked her advice on several topics including work, financial, and personal aspects individually.  Every time the suggestion she gave was best, she does always say “I know best”, and it’s true.
4. It has afforded her to Branch out into new ventures with no regrets.
5. I have learned to be even more respectful to all women I encounter, so I don’t embarrass or disappoint her at any time.
6. I have a newfound admiration for women and their struggles in the male dominated environment I work in.
7. I now have more control over my actions and words.
8. Lastly, not specifically devoted to FLR, but equally important for us, she controls my orgasms.  It exhibits my submission to her and her decision.



When I was younger (and naive), I saw a beautiful woman and just wanted sex.. now, I see a woman and I wonder if she can tell I’m submissive and I’d do as she asked? I especially will always look at her shoes to see if she’s in heels or boots and it drives me wild!!


Being Submissive

From only my point of view and what I’ve read and seen, this is what it means to me to be submissive.

It is ALWAYS about her needs, wishes, desires, and pleasure first. My focus is on Her until she is completely and utterly satisfied. My pleasure is derived from fulfilling hers, whatever it is. From a message focused on her, to dutifully completing tasks, to her whims, it’s all about her and for her, smf subsequently it becomes for us.

I can and do make recommendations and suggestions, it’s how you grow and mature together. But, her decision is final. She knows best.

The instant, as a submissive male, you start directing her to the point that you’re leading, you’re not truly a submissive. It’s a kink, a fetish at that point. Suggesting a change or something new is great, and you two explore together, but she needs to lead you.